Door Handles

We carry numerous types of replacement door handles in stock.

We carry various sizes of door handles in stock, if your handle is not available from stock then we can order a replacement handle. In most cases these arrive within 24/48 hours of order and can be fitted to your door once they arrive in stock

door handles

Other colours are available on special order if required.

All new door handles carry a 1 year guarantee.



Door Hinges

We carry several styles of door hinges in stock for pvc doors.

R & R Remedials can fit the new hinge / hinges to you door and correct the problem with the door.

door hinges

Damages broken hinges will more than likely cause the door to drop, be difficult to lock / unlock, or hard to open and shut. All this puts extra pressure on the locking system and if not dealt with quickly can also cause locking system to fail.

All new door hinges carry a 1 year guarantee.


Windows Hinges

We carry Several styyles of hinges to replace your existing broken, worn out or faulty window hinges. Types of hinges available are:

Standard side hung hinges, these are the type where the hinges restrict the size of the opening when fully open.


Egress side hung hinges, these are fitted to newer pvc windows but can be fitted to older style pvc windows to give greater means of escape during a fire. They open at 90 Degrees to the window once fully open.

Egress Hinge

Top hung hinches operate similar to side hung hinges where they restrict the size of the opening when fully open.

Top hung Hinge

Tilt and turn bottom window hinges can be replaced if rusted or broken.

tilt and turn bottom

If the top hinges is broken (the tilting operation) this can sometimes be replaced if the window tilts before it turns. In most cases the top hinge fails on older style windows which turn before they tilt. In this case the window will need a full new mechanism which R & R Remedials can supply and fit for you.




Window Locks

We carry replacement window locks for various styles and types of pvc windows including tilit and turn windows.

Replacement locking systems for espag type locking systems. (Open out windows)


Replacement locking systems for Tilt and Turn windows.

Depending on the age of window repalcement parts can be fitted if window tilts before it turns inwards. If the window turns inwards before it tilts (parts no longer available) then the only solutions is to fit a complete new locking system to the window which would then tilt before it turns inwards.

Tilt & Turn Lock

All new window locks fitted carry a 1 year guarantee.