Window Handles

We carry several styles of window handle to replace your existing broken, worn out or faulty window handles.

Types of handles available are:

Espag handles where the spindle comes out of the back of the handle to drive the locking system fitted inside the pvc window.

Espag Handle
Cockspur handles where the handle locks against the pvc window frame.

Cockspur Handle

Tilt and trun hadles, this is the type where the window opens inwards and can also tilt inwards.

Tilt and Turn Handle

Available in white or gold. Other colours are also available to order. All new handles fitted carry a 1 year guarantee.



Sealed Units

Once condensation appears inside the sealed unit the only option is to have the replacement sealed unit made and fitted.

We can also upgrade sealed units to make them more thermally efficient to reduce condensation on the surface of the glass in the winter months and make your home more energy efficient.

Other options include

  • Self cleaning glass (external only)
  • Solar control glass for conservatory roofs
  • Georgian Bar
  • Leaded / filmed sealed units to match existing windows
  • Tinted sealed units
  • Holes cut into glass for cat flap (only on new sealed units)

To increase thermal efficiency of the sealed unit.

  • Warm edge spacer bar
  • Planitherm
  • Pilkington L
  • Low iron glass
  • Argon gas filled units